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Our Exciting Range of Digital Marketing Services

At Nagu technologies, we build relationships and not links. This is due to the presence of a team of brilliant minds, who are competent in choosing, what matters to your business and customers. Our wide range of services proves that we are a place where ideas grow.
Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
At Nagu technologies we take pride in delivering the best service by making optimum use of technology. SEO plays a major role in helping get a broader visibility to your business and website. We provide complete optimization for both On-page and Off-page SEO, and carter all the segments like link building Meta tags, Alt tags, Header tags, URL canonicalization, Mobile Page optimization and many more used to get the best possible visibility to your website and business.
Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)
We specialize in the PPC or Pay per Click option and ensure that your business specific visitors reach out to you. Our main objective is to gather visitors from various resources as well as facilitating repeat or recurring visitors to your site. Though SEM, we also look into establish a strong brand for your products and services. We guarantee 10X higher engagement and 100% ROI on all the campaigns like PPC, Search ads, Display ads, Video ads and E-mail campaigns.
E-Commerce based Marketing Services
At Nagu technologies, we have a specifically built team of engineers, well-equipped in designing the most cost effective and user friendly web portals, especially for the retail sector. You can now place your most attractive product lists and we will help you reach them to your most relevant customers.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
At Nagu technologies, you are ensured of receiving the best ideas at the right price. Our team is a combination of intelligence and brilliance. Though efficiently designed and monitored methods, we are the next generation in the advertising world. Cutting across popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we opt for the best possible means to see that your website gets more traffic from a wide range of resources.

Why Choose Nagu Technologies as your Marketing Partner

We believe in having partnerships with our esteemed customers. Our objective is to work together with you and create something unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would my company benefit by Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is the next big thing to happen to the global business world. When it comes to gaining a broader visibility within a limited frame of time, Digital Marketing is the best option as you can announce to the world about your arrival on the scene, through a wide variety of mediums which includes social media marketing.
How do I depend upon your company to receive quality services?
With a well-trained and experienced team of professionals, you can expect nothing less than professionalism from Nagu technologies. We are a customer centric company and all our efforts are transparent where the customer is kept in the loop at all times. We work together with our customers so that we jointly achieve our common objectives, which is, customer satisfaction.
How do you assure your efforts are of highest standards and different?
Success in every Digital Marketing effort depends a lot on how strong your content is. We have an expert team of writers who have the capability to deliver thought provoking, fresh and unique contnet, in just about any category. This makes us quite different from our compitetors. We do not compromise on either quality or focus as we go about our development process.
What is your best approach to Digital Marketing?
Our best approach begins by giving a patient hearing to our customers before they hear from us. We work jointly with our customers where we zero in on a common understanding about the path we are going to adopt or the strategy we are going to build on. Our goal continues to be customer satisfaction and for which we go right to the grass root level and then scale up from there.
Feel free to request for any further clarifications.
Our experts would love to clarify all your queries and get you started by driving relevant traffic to your site.
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