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Our Chatbot Development Services

Looking to streamline all your business activities by creating a difference in customer interaction through high quality Chatbots! Look no further. You can now hire Chatbot developers from NaguTechnologies, known to build quality applications, suiting the most specific customer requirement.

Conversation Design

Our expert Chatbot developers possess the required skill sets to combine Natural Language Interfaces with User Interface Elements and revolutionize the conversation process.

Chatbot Deployment and Integration services

Hire seasoned Angular Developers from Nagutechnologies, who can develop customized web portals and help you in maximizing your ROI.

Chatbot Architecture

NaguTechnologies has a competent and dynamic offshore Chatbot development team, who have the expertise in building bots to suit either in house or on site project requirements.

Scalable Bots Application Development

Our efficient team of Chatbots developers think out of the box while designing bots which are scalable, and adapt to new changes in technology changes.

Natural Language Processing

Hire developers from the best Chatbot Development Company in India, who have the ability to productively define various categories around which responses can be framed.

Chatbot Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Hire from our exclusive team of Chatbot developers who support you in maintaining and upgrading your websites.

Our expertise in Chatbot Development

Our well trained Chatbot development team is a perfect combination of knowledge and brilliance to offer services, cutting across Industrial sectors.


Our Chatbot developers have the proven expertise in building flawless bots which help doctors stay connected with their patients on a more frequent basis.

Banking and Finance

Our seasoned Chabot developers have the capability to build creative and robust bots that can help customers manage their bank account and transactions.

Legal Services

At NaguTechnologies, we focus on building bots which suit the most critical user need. Hire our Chatbot developers who build bots that provide legal advices for commencing a new business.

Travel and Tourism

Effective use of the Chatbot technology by our efficient team of developers has led us to be rated among the dependable and preferred resources for delivering high quality bots that help organize and manage your travel in the most professional manner, which includes hotel bookings, ticket bookings.

Retail and E-commerce

Our E-commerce Chatbot solutions have proved to be the best choice for our increasing list of customers, who are on the lookout for an online shopping experience with a difference.

Media and Entertainment

Hire from our determined team of Chatbot developers who can build high quality applications suiting the media and entertainment industry and enjoy the latest developments as they unfold.

Varity of Engagement models to hire our full stack Chatbot developers

We are different than the rest when it comes to Chatbot development as we allow you to choose your own development team with very flexible hiring options.

Full Time Hiring

  • View Hire:  8 Hours
  • Hiring Period (Minimum): 1 Month
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Communication: Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Project Tracker:  Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Part Time Hiring

  • View Hire:  4 Hours
  • Hiring Period (Minimum): 1 Month
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Communication: Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Project Tracker:  Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Hourly Hiring

  • View Hire:  Hour Basis
  • Hiring Period (Minimum): 25 Hours
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Communication: Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Project Tracker:  Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Chatbot Developer Hiring Process

At NaguTechnologies, we follow a transparent and systematic hiring process, which includes 3 phases.

Team Screening and Selection

We match the skillsets of our Chatbot developers with your exact business requirement and extend an opportunity to choose your best team. All by yourself!!!!

Development and Reporting

You are free to fix the most suitable reporting pattern, which helps in being frequently connected, till the end of the project.


Your Chatbot application undergoes a stringent test process before being deployed at your site.

Why Hire Chatbot Developers from Nagutechnologies

At NaguTechnologies, when you hire dedicated Chatbot developers, you look into enthusiastic candidates, with a good hold on basic parameters, needed for developing user friendly bots.

Integrity and Transparency

NaguTechnologies is a transparent organization that maintains complete data integrity and confidentiality.

Experienced Chatbot Developers

Out team of Chatbot developers, have a wealth of experience. Not less than a minimum 5 years.

Free Analysis Report

All project reports, test reports and codes are provided to our customers at no extra cost.

Cost-effective way

Our Chatbot developers stay committed to deliver the best quality and cost effective websites.

Freedom to choose your team

Before you hire Chatbot developers from NaguTechnologies, you can freely interact with them and choose your best team.

Flexible Engagement Model

We have a wide range of flexible hiring models to choose from which are designed keeping your specific business interests in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the skillets required for Chatbot development?
Skillsets required for Chatbot developers are
  • Familiarity with tools connected with NLP like DialogFlow
  • Knowledge of integrating processes
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Understanding of client requirement
What are the best tools used by Chatbot developers for application development?

Some of the prominent tools used by Chatbot developers are

  • Api.ai
  • smooch
  • Botsify
  • Chatfuel
Which are the best and most widely used Chatbot Development frameworks by your developers?

Some of the most widely used Chatbot frameworks for development are,

  • BotMan
  • Wit.ai
  • Rasa Stack
  • Amazon Lex
What’s your pricing model for hiring Chatbot developers?

We work on three widely offered pricing models. You can select your choice from,

  • Full Time Hiring
  • Part time hiring
  • Hourly hiring
Why should I hire dedicated Chatbot developers?

Hiring dedicated Chatbot developers gives you the flexibility to discuss with them freely about your project on a case to case basis and discuss specific project upgrades and scale up.

Feel free to request for any further clarifications.

Hire Chatbot Developers as per your requirements. Our experts would love to clarify all your queries

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