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Our Joomla Development Services

Looking to hire developers experienced in building world class applications using Joomla technology!! Here is Nagu Technologies, a Joomla Development Company, with a team of high quality Joomla developers, known to build applications, suiting the most specific customer requirement.

Joomla Web Development Services

Nagu Technologies has a team of well-experienced Joomla developers for you to hire from. Our Developers are well-known to build high quality, robust websites.

Joomla Portal Development services

Businesses either small or large have approved our Joomla developers due to their ability to take full advantage of the features Joomla offers and build portals for news briefings, entertainment etc.

Joomla Component Development Services

Hire from an efficient team of Joomla Developers who can customize your web site components, to suit your very specific project needs.

Web Maintenance and Upgrade Services

We have an expert team of Joomla developers who support you in maintaining and upgrading your websites.

Joomla Custom Theme Development

Nagu Technologies is a well-equipped with a team of in-house and offshore development team that follow Theme Development Standards and customize Joomla Themes by taking advantage of Joomla Templates.

Our expertise in Joomla Development

Nagu Technologies is a company which expands its expertise across a wide range of Industrial sectors.


Hire our Joomla developers who have the proven expertise in building flawless and HIPAA compliant solutions suiting the Insurance as well as healthcare administrative services.

Banking and Finance

Hire from a prolific team of Joomla developers, with a capability to build innovative and strong web and mobile applications, to address your most specific financial requirement.

Logistics and Transportation

To build fast and responsive websites, which are user friendly and help users achieve their specific objectives, has always been our continued focus. Our Joomla based websites built for the Logistics sector are a standing example of this.

Travel and Tourism

Hire from our team of competent Joomla Developers, who have successfully developed travel based applications like payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and guided virtual tours, to deliver an exciting user experience.

Retail and E-commerce

Our clinically developed E-commerce portals using advanced technologies have proved to be the best choice for our esteemed customers, who are on the lookout for a different, online shopping experience.

Media and Entertainment

Our passionate team of Joomla developers excel in developing high quality applications suiting the media and entertainment industry and deliver an enthralling user experience.

Varity of Engagement models to hire our full stack Joomla developers

Make a difference to your Business prospects. Meet us at Nagu Technologies and explore our completely flexible hiring options.

Full Time Hiring

  • View Hire:  8 Hours
  • Hiring Period (Minimum): 1 Month
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Communication: Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Project Tracker:  Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Part Time Hiring

  • View Hire:  4 Hours
  • Hiring Period (Minimum): 1 Month
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Communication: Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Project Tracker:  Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Hourly Hiring

  • View Hire:  Hour Basis
  • Hiring Period (Minimum): 25 Hours
  • Methodology: Agile
  • Communication: Phone, Chat, and Email
  • Project Tracker:  Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, etc

Joomla Developer Hiring Process

NaguTechnologies practices a transparent, systematic and professionally driven hiring process, which includes 3 phases.

Team Screening and Selection

Every skillset of our Joomla developers is matched with your requirement. Our objective is to meet your most specific project need.

Development and Reporting

At Nagu Tecgnologies, you are free to fix the most convenient reporting pattern, which helps in being frequently connected, till the end of the project.


Your Joomla application is commissioned at your site only after repeated tests to fulfil all parameters and your firm approval.

Why Hire Joomla Developers from Nagu Technologies

At Nagu Technologies, when you hire dedicated Joomla developers, you actually are hiring a team which is fully equipped develop responsive and user friendly websites.

Integrity and Transparency

We are a determined and transparent organization as we maintain complete project data integrity and confidentiality.

Experienced Joomla Developers

We have a team of creative Joomla developers, with a minimum experience of not less than 5 years.

Free Analysis Report

All Project analysis Reports and Project estimates are delivered to our customers free of cost.

Cost-effective way

Our Joomla developers stay committed to deliver the best quality and cost effective websites, to meet your exact budget requirement.

Freedom to choose your team

A unique thing about Nagu Technologies is the freedom to interact with Joomla developers and choose your best team.

Flexible Engagement Model

You can avail from a wide range of hiring models which are designed keeping your specific business interests in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the skillets required for Joomla development?

Skillsets required for Joomla developers are

  • Working Knowledge of Joomla
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Understanding of SEO/SEM
What are the best tools used by Joomla developers for application development?

Some of the prominent tools used by Joomla developers are

  • Joomla Content Editor
  • Akeeba Backup
  • Admin Tools
What’s your pricing model for hiring Joomla developers?

We have three comfortable pricing models. You can select your choice from,

  • Full Time Hiring
  • Part time hiring
  • Hourly hiring
Why should I hire dedicated Joomla developers?
Hiring dedicated Joomla developers gives you the flexibility to choose your best team and be communicative enough to understand your team and achieve the best ROI.

Feel free to request for any further clarifications.

Hire Joomla Developers as per your requirements. Our experts would love to clarify all your queries

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